Whelping service

We are pleased to now offer a whelping service for newborn puppies.  We are in Derby. The care in the first few weeks of a puppies life is crucial and is a 24 hour around the clock commitment. Some people either feel too inexperienced or simply don’t have the time due to work/family commitments.

We have extensive experience in rearing puppies especially british bulldogs which are one of the more trickier breeds to rear even when everything runs smoothly.

We of course always try and feed pups from mum but when this isn’t possible we are experienced in tube feeding and hand rearing. We also have experience in raising premature puppies.

What we offer

  • 24 hour care of both Mum & puppies
  • Milk substitute if the mother doesn’t have milk or the puppy is failing to latch.
  • Designated hygienic area fitted with heating & air conditioning for the puppies and mum separate from other rooms for those first few weeks.
  • CCTV & security measures in place
  • Updates & pictures of the puppies
  • Incubator & oxygen as and when required
  • Hygienic fully wipeable whelping box
  • Fresh bedding & washing
  • Heat pads
  • Puppy weaning (if required)
  • Tube feeding
  • Daily weighing & monitoring of puppies toilet movements to ensure they are thriving
  • Liaison with our vet for advice on any concerns we have

We have specialist equipment including incubators & oxygen when needed. Our vet is also very close by and on 24 hour call.

You can be sure that the best possible care will be given to your bitch and puppies when they are in our care.

Please get in touch for further information and if you have a litter planned please contact me as soon as possible.

 If any vets fees arise these are your responsibility to pay however you will always be consulted first before any visit is made unless its an emergency where there isn’t time to ask. 

What is included

All of our equipment (whelping boxes, incubator etc)- bedding, washing of bedding, weaning equipment, tube feeding kits if required

Whats not included

You will need to provide or pay me for the materials the puppies needs such as baby wipes, cotton wool, worming treatments, milk replacement if required, puppy food if we have them when they are weaned, mums food etc. A basic list will be provided for things we will always need for the puppies.

Please get in contact with us for prices and more info

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